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5th January 1966 -15th June 1966

Produced by Elizabeth Cowley and presented by Private Eye’s Barry Fantoni and actress Wendy Varnals this was the forerunner of late seventies shows like Something Else, where the teenage audience gets to air their opinions and grievances live on television. As the BBC put it "A programme reflecting the taste and times of Britain's under-twenty-ones." This show attempted (quite successfully on the little evidence we have left) to cover teenage topics in a teenage fashion.

Proving there was life beyond Carnaby Street they presented articles on singers on tour, various cultural scenes around Europe, employment and holidays while a band would appear every week and do two numbers as well as a filmed report on various aspects of youth culture. An agony column with guest ‘aunts’ was also a weekly feature. Frankie McGowan, Cathy's sister also featured on the show. Guests would also be quizzed by the precocious audience about their music, life and attitudes.

Three shows are known to exist.